Buying at auctions is a great way to save money. Farmers and project managers use auctions to find deals on heavy machinery and farm equipment. They can stretch their equipment budget by paying less and saving more on supplies for their next project. Instead of paying full price for a new machine that starts to depreciate before you drive it off the lot, buyers can find two or three items for the price of one.


Used items at Rod Fivecoat Auctions are well maintained and they hold their value. Bidders across the country can preview our online catalog and explore hundreds of photos, videos and descriptions of various items. The experts at Rod Fivecoat Auctions are passionate about creating the best possible experience, and we maintain the integrity of the buying and selling process. We understand the each item has a history, and we conduct our sales with this in mind. At Rod Fivecoat Auctions, novice and experienced buyers will find great deals to help them with their next project.


Heavy Equipment Auctions

Buying the right equipment is crucial for your business. There are several ways to buy heavy equipment, but auctions provide the best value. Before the auction date, buyers should research to know what features to look for and what questions to ask. Rod Fivecoat Auctions offer hundreds of lot items, and we pull in crowds to make sure the prices are competitive. Sellers love big crowds, and bigger events mean better deals. The experts at Rod Fivecoat Auctions make finding the right piece of heavy equipment easy.


Our online catalog lets buyers preview each item so that each bid is well informed. Filter and search technology allows buyers to narrow down the search results so they can find exactly what they need. After creating a free account, users can keep a close watch on their favorite items by marking them for later viewing. This function is particularly useful for when the auction window is closing and buyers want to place their final bids. Online auctions are increasing the reach and value of auctions including bidders across the country. Sellers are more eager to auction valuable items if there are more bidders because they have a better chance of a higher payout. Auctions give buyers more control, and with the Rod Fivecoat online catalog, users can thoroughly preview and research each item before placing the winning bid.


Liquidation Auctions

One reason auctions are growing in popularity is that buyers nationwide are finding rare and antique items. At liquidation auctions, everything is for sale, and the auction doesn’t end until everything is sold. Companies hold liquidation auctions when they want to sell several products in a short period of time. These events are usually not a result of financial problems, and they provide many deals for buyers.


Rod Fivecoat auctions are held across southwestern Idaho in beautiful locations such as Star, Boise, Caldwell, Murphy, Eagle, McCall and many more! Online bidders get to drive through Treasure Valley to pick up their items, and those traveling from far away can read about our living arrangements in the online catalog.


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To find out more about our online catalog, check out our website. For any question or consultations, feel free to call our offices at 208-600-4533. Rod Fivecoat is passionate about making your next auction entertaining. He is an expert in heavy machinery and farm equipment, and he’ll organize auctions where you can find your next great deal!

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