When it comes to buying and selling valuable items, you have options. Placing a personal ad online, in a newspaper, or hanging a sign on your equipment are the most common ways to sell items. Other options include trading, going through a dealer, or working with an equipment broker. Selling heavy equipment and farm tools is a big decision; it deserves careful consideration. First, you need to know what your equipment is worth. Then, research the different avenues of selling and decide which one is best for you.


Unreserved auctions are the most convenient way of quickly selling a large number of items. At these events, each item sells to the highest bidder. Sellers don’t have to negotiate with buyers or deal with flaky people. Attendees have the luxury of choice, as all the items are determined by crowd competition. Buyers across the country are increasingly visiting auctions because they are able to find great deals. In order to effectively sell farm and heavy equipment, check out the local Treasure Valley Auctions with Rod Fivecoat.


Liquidation Auctions

At liquidation auctions, all the items are sold. The assurance of finding a great deal, along with the diversity of items, draws in large crowds of buyers. When choosing an auction service to handle your assets, it’s important to find someone who is specialized. You don’t want a jewelry dealer selling your tractor. Specialized auctioneers will be able to pull in the right crowds who are ready to buy.


At Rod Fivecoat Auctions, we are experts in heavy equipment, farm, and liquidation auctions. Auctioneer Rod Fivecoat has over 30 years attending and facilitating auctions. He is passionate about making each event well-organized and fun. At liquidation auctions, buyers can find the best deals. Companies are looking to sell their assets, meanwhile buyers can find unexpected treasures. Located all along the Treasure Valley, our local farm auctions are home-grown and honest. Buyers can experience the beauty of our beautiful Treasure Valley locations in Nampa, Boise, Caldwell, Meridian, Fruitland, McCall and many others!


Online Farm Auctions

Rod Fivecoat is leading the way with its cutting-edge online auctions. Online bidders can now bid alongside live bidders, leading to better crowds and more involvement. This is especially helpful for novice attendees who aren’t sure about the value of items. The best items will have the greatest crowd reaction, so you can be sure which equipment has the greatest value.


Online auctions are a practical choice for inexperienced buyers because the catalog features pictures, videos, and descriptions of each item. This makes it easy to do research before attending the auctions or placing bids. The online catalog also includes information about each auction, as well as the terms and conditions. Online auctions save buyers time and money because they can bid anywhere without leaving work. After setting up a free account, buyers can select their favorite items to watch, thus presenting the most opportunities to win great deals.


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