When deciding on an auction service, there are many things to consider: experience, specialization, location, crowd size. Buying and selling heavy equipment is not a trivial task, and sellers need auctioneers who will give them the best price. People around the country are turning to auctions to find great deals. Savvy bidders can pick up farm equipment for a fraction of the price they would find at a dealership or retail store.


Rod Fivecoat organizes and facilitates auctions across Idaho’s Treasure Valley. Our local team of experts knows how to draw in crowds of eager buyers. Large crowds benefit buyers because they have more control over the final price. Novice buyers appreciate large crowds because they can see firsthand the items that are valuable instead of relying on a fickle market. This helps new bidders take home great deals on items that would have otherwise cost more. Sellers prefer big crowds because competition means more payout. With over 32 years of auctioneer experience, Rod Fivecoat knows how to create an event that benefits both buyers and sellers.


Online Heavy Equipment Auctions

Buying heavy equipment is no small task. The right machine can significantly grow your business. At Rod Fivecoat, we understand the importance of finding the best equipment, so we built an online catalog that makes previewing items easy. In the catalog, buyers can view videos of the heavy equipment items in use. Alongside the videos are dozens of images that detail any surface damage.


Online users can filter the catalog to see only items that they want, and after creating a free account, they can save items to watch later. This is extremely useful during the final hours of the bidding window when placing the winning bid becomes a matter of timely clicking. Rod Fivecoat online auctions are designed to expand the enjoyment of live auctions to your home. Rod is passionate about making a comfortable buying and selling atmosphere, and his live auctions are events you don’t want to miss. In order to draw bigger crowds and benefit each person involved, Rob created an online auction software that lets users bid at the same time as live bidders. Virtual attendees will not miss out on the honest business that the Rod Fivecoat team provides. We are local Idahoans who understand Idaho merchandise, and our experienced, full-service team will get you the heavy equipment you need!


Getting the Most Out of Liquidation Auctions

Companies participate in liquidation auctions when they want to sell many items at once. Buyers reap the benefits of having a large selection of items as well as a seller who wants to get rid of them. Liquidation auctions are where buyers find hidden treasures. At Rod Fivecoat Auctions, we specialize in marketing and organizing events that benefit everybody involved. Liquidation auctions aren’t always associated with financial troubles, and the cataloged items are consistently high quality.


Call Rod Fivecoat for Great Deals

Visit our website to learn about upcoming auctions or to peruse our catalog. For an obligation free consultation, call  208-600-4533. Rod Fivecoat Auctions are held across Treasure Valley. Come visit our beautiful live auctions to find your next best buy.

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