Auctions are gaining popularity around the country. Buyers are realizing the bargains that auctions offer, and they’re using the internet to hunt for great deals. Auctions are a win-win for buyers and sellers. Buyers can get high-quality items for low prices, and they can leave the auction knowing that they beat the competition. Sellers love auctions because they can quickly turn assets into cash. When listing items privately, they will save time and energy by not dealing with flakey buyers. Eager buyers and sellers frequent auctions in order to save money and win big.


At Rod Fivecoat Auctions, you can find your next treasured item. Our local team understands the nuances of Idaho locals and merchandise, and our down-to-earth business will provide you with service you can trust. The hunt for your next great deal is over! Peruse our catalog of heavy equipment so you can find the perfect machine for your company.


Benefits to Buying Heavy Equipment at an Auction

For many companies, the right piece of heavy equipment is essential. Buying at an auction can potentially save buyers thousands of dollars, but that’s not the only benefit of auctions. Other reasons to shop at auctions include:

  • Selection: Auctions offer a variety of different items. Buyers looking for a specific item may be surprised to find an additional equipment that may not be available at dealerships. A large selection of equipment gives buyers a chance to peruse equipment that they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.
  • Value: Buying used heavy equipment lowers the cost of depreciation, and Rod Fivecoat Auctions lists antique and collectible equipment that holds its values. Buyers can find name brand machines for a fraction of retail value.
  • Flexibility: Buying at auctions allows for more flexibility because buyers with specific jobs can acquire equipment easily and then sell it without much effort. Each sale is final, and the experts at Rod Fivecoat Auctions make the buying process seamless


How to Not Pay Full Price for Farm Equipment

Farm equipment begins to depreciate as soon as you take it out of the lot or store. Used equipment holds its value, and buying at an auction can give you used items for low prices. Well-maintained equipment holds its value, and the competitive bidding process keeps prices low. The prices at Rod Fivecoat Auctions stay low because we offer a wide variety of equipment. The auction isn’t over until each item is sold, so you could walk away with a steal of a deal.


Drop Us a Line

To find out more about our auction services or to preview items on our online catalog, check out our website. If you’re looking to sell heavy equipment or have any questions about attending auctions, call 208-600-4533. Rod Fivecoat Auctions are held throughout southwestern Idaho, and our online auctions allow anybody to participate. Our full-service team organizes events that benefit both buyers and sellers.

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