Buying at an auction can seem overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. There’s the crowd, the organization, and the unpredictable bidders. Fortunately, all these elements of the auction work for the benefit of each buyer. If the crowd is large, it’s usually because there are valuable items in the catalog. Larger crowds bring in more sellers, so a bigger event is better for everyone. Auctions are organized to benefit buyers and sellers, and an expert service like Rod Fivecoat Auctions will make sure each person is comfortable and at ease when they’re making bids.


Lastly, crowd competition creates its own market. Even if buyers do their research before attending, they will probably find a new item they didn’t expect. After all, the value of auctions is to find hidden treasures. When crowds are huge and the buyers are hungry, prices are driven down and buyers know which items are valuable. In a fickle private market, value is ambiguously assigned, but in an auction market, the demand is clear and honest. The crowd's reaction will reveal which items deserve high bids, and which ones they can snag for cheap.


With 32 years of auction experience, Rod Fivecoat knows how to make events fun and comfortable. Buyers and sellers across the nation use Rod Fivecoat to handle heavy farm equipment. Our team of local experts specializes in buying and selling heavy equipment, and we know how to get the best deals. Novice buyers and anxious sellers can eliminate worry because Rod Fivecoat understands the intrinsic and sentimental value of each item. We optimize lot exposure by marketing to the right people and drawing in the biggest crowds.


Heavy Equipment Auctions

Auctions give buyers more control. When buying heavy equipment, you want to know exactly what you’re getting. Our specialized team understands the intricacies of the equipment market, and they know what makes something valuable. Buyers know they are getting a fair price with Rod Fivecoat, our online catalog makes it easy to preview each item.


Online Auctions

Online auctions are making buyers everywhere love Rod Fivecoat. With our descriptive catalog, buyers can preview heavy equipment through dozens of photos, detailed descriptions, and informative videos. We understand how research is critical before investing in heavy machinery, and our auction specialists make it easy. After setting up a free account, users can find the items they want and mark their favorites to watch. At any point in the open auction window, buyers can place bids and watch several items. Online auctioning is the way of the future, and now buyers can save time and money by bidding anywhere.


Rod Fivecoat Premium Auctions

Across Treasure Valley, Rod Fivecoat organizes entertaining auctions. Our locations include Caldwell, Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, and many more! Call our offices at 208-600-4533, or visit our website to know about our upcoming events.


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