If you are looking to buy or sell equipment, you have many options. Auctions give both buyers and sellers more control. The price is ultimately determined by buyers, so larger crowds mean better deals. Similarly, larger crowds mean greater competition amongst buyers, leading to a better payout for sellers. The best auctions have big crowds, which is why choosing the right auction company is important.


Rod Fivecoat has attended and facilitated auctions for 32 years, and he is an expert at making each event comfortable and enjoyable. Our local team of Idahoans organizes events across Treasure Valley. We are experts in heavy equipment, and we have the contacts and resources that are necessary to guarantee a large turnout for each event. In addition, our online auction technology enables bidders to bid alongside live bidders to create more competition. From the comfort of their homes, each bidder can peruse and bid in our online catalogs. After winning an item, we will hold it for you, and you can experience the beautiful scenery of Treasure Valley as you travel to pick it up.


Heavy Equipment Auctions

Buying heavy equipment doesn’t need to be difficult. Through expert organization and performance, Rod Fivecoat will help you get the best deals for your money. For over thirty years, we have sold items such as:

  • Log loaders
  • Bulldozers
  • Cement trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Fuel trucks
  • Log trucks


As fellow Idahoans, we understand that each item has a history. Our experts handle each sale with sensitivity, and sellers can trust that our events will draw crowds big enough to multiply profits. Buyers benefit from our auctions because prices aren’t subjected to a fickle market. Competition determines the price, so buyers can be sure of each item’s actual value.


Farm Equipment Auctions

Buying and selling farm equipment through auctions is growing in popularity. Despite the misconception that auctions are related to financial troubles, buyers across the country are finding deals exclusively at auctions. Our team at Rod Fivecoat ignites each event with a flair of competition that results in better deals and more items sold. Sellers can be assured that each of their items with sell, and they’ll save time and money through Rod Fivecoat.


Our online catalog lets buyers preview each item before they buy. Listed inside are hundreds of pictures and videos of farm equipment in action. Whether the auction is held online or at one of our many Treasure Valley locations, buyers can find the best equipment for their farm.


Online Liquidation Auctions

Buyers looking for an array of fair-priced equipment should check out our online liquidation auctions. During the open auction window, buyers can place online bids and select their favorite items to watch. By creating a free account, buyers all over the world can bid on liquidized assets. Only through Rod Fivecoat can you find the best deals in the Treasure Valley area.


Drop us a Line

If you’re interested in buying or selling items, or if you have a question about upcoming auctions, call us at 208.600.4533 or check out our website.

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