When it comes to auctions, you need the right professionals to handle your valuable items. With so many Idaho auction services out there, it may be difficult to find the right place. Your farm equipment has history and sentimental value, and the right auctioneer should understand how to publicize, organize, and maximize sales.


Rod Fivecoat Auctions combines expertise and accreditation with experience and comfort. Our 30 years in the industry has taught us how to create an accommodating buying/selling event. We understand the stress involved with selling assets, as well as the pressure to new buyers who are unsure about the auction dynamic. Our founder, Rod Fivecoat, brings a passion to the business. He grew up attending and facilitating auctions with his father, and now he’s equipped to provide your estate with a fair and enthusiastic auction.


Throughout the Treasure Valley, we auction authentic farm equipment, such as:

  • Tractors
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Rotary tillers
  • Seeders
  • Hay balers
  • Irrigation equipment


Anything farm related—consider it sold! Our experts will raise the auction fever, so you will get the most out of your treasured items.


Real Estate Property Evaluations

If you want to auction your property, first you’ll need to decide which type of sale works best for you. In an absolute auction, the property is sold at a set price. In a minimum bid auction, the seller sets the minimum amount, and the buyers raise the amount through bidding. Our selling process is transparent and user friendly. For extra cautious sellers, we can sell your property through a seller-confirmation auction. This means that the seller is onsite and can approve or deny the final bid. Once you decide what kind of auction works best for you, we’ll come take photos, evaluate your property value, and initiate the auction process. Rod Fivecoat Auctions will treat you fairly and help you get the maximum amount of value from the sale.


Advantages to Selling at an Auction

Selling property at auction is growing in popularity. Despite the misconception that auctions are associated with financial troubles, billions of dollars worth of real estate is sold every year. When selling several properties, concentrating the buyers can lead to a greater profit margin and advantages to the seller. Here are some reasons why selling at an auction is advantageous:

  • The seller sets the definite sale date
  • The seller has the ability to directly turn property into cash
  • There’s no endless marketing or showing period
  • The exciting atmosphere of an auction ignites competition between buyers
  • The seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale. They stay in control
  • An auction gives sellers exposure to a large number of bidders in a short amount of time


Selling farm equipment and real estate can be stressful, but our expert team of auctioneers provides comfort through expertise and sensitivity. Rod Fivecoat Auctions understands the priceless value of certain auction items, and we make sure sellers get the most from their transaction.


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