If you are looking for great deals on used equipment, auctions are the place to be. Throughout the country, savvy buyers regularly visit local auctions to get the price they want. One central benefit to buying at an auction is that it gives buyers more control. Buyers ultimately determine the sale price, setting themselves up for great deals. A lot of buyers will help determine an item’s real value, as opposed to trusting market fluctuation.


Finding the right service is crucial to your auction experience. Our team at Rod Fivecoat Auctions are heavy equipment, farming and construction supplies experts. Three decades have taught us how to market, organize and facilitate an enjoyable buying experience. We understand that parting with treasured items can be difficult, and we treat each item as a piece of personal history. We also realize that buying at an auction can be daunting, especially if you are a first-time or inexperienced buyer. Before attending an auction, preview the items in our online catalog and research items and figure out what’s best for you.


What to Consider When Buying Equipment

When buying equipment for your farm or jobsite, it’s best to do your research. At auctions, you can find the best-priced equipment while enjoying the energetic atmosphere and camaraderie found in crowds of buyers. Online auctions have all the appeal of online retail shopping without the high price markup. Before you place your bid, mind these tips to ensure you get the best value.


Make Sure the Seller is Reputable

With all the different ways to buy equipment, it’s important to make sure you’re buying from a legitimate and reputable seller. For example, buying a bulldozer from a jewelry dealer is a ripoff waiting to happen. Check the website and customer reviews of the dealer to ensure they understand how to sell equipment. Google reviews and the Better Business Bureau are great places to start. If the dealer has a Facebook page, check the reviews and comments to see what people are saying.


Closely Inspect the Equipment

In most cases, when the auctioneer yells, “Sold!” the sale is final. Thoroughly checking equipment before bidding can help you avoid any unexpected malfunctions. When possible, test the equipment on site. If you don’t have much heavy equipment experience, bring a qualified mechanic or trustworthy operator to inspect on your behalf. For online auctions, closely scrutinize the photos and check for any signs of unreported damage. Don’t be afraid to email the dealer for more photos if you need to see more. Rod Fivecoat online auctions provide dozens of images of each item, and our larger items (like a 1969 Kenworth Log Truck) have video footage of real time use.


Complete Your Project With Rod Fivecoat

Buying heavy equipment from an auction can have huge payouts. Drawing in crowds of buyers leads to more competition and better prices. In our online catalog, you can find flatbed trucks, log trucks, fuel trucks, dump trucks, cargo vans, bulldozer, forklift, wood mizer and much more! Check out our website to access our online catalog or to find a schedule of upcoming auctions.


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