Auctions can make or break your selling experience. Rod Fivecoat local auction team brings accreditation, expertise, and enthusiasm to each event. We bring our fun atmosphere to locations spanning across the Boise valley, including Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Murphy, and McCall. Our online auctions provide maximum exposure to auctioned items to buyers nationwide. Local auctions around Boise provide the home-grown ambiance that encourages more bids on a wide range of inventory.


How Auctions Advantage Buyer and Sellers

Selling farm or construction equipment can be tiring. There are many different methods of selling, and each one has its perks. Personal ads online, for-sale signs, and yard sales have a high rate of failure, and they cost time and resources. You have to deal with flakey customers and negotiation processes. There is no guarantee that you will sell your items in a timely manner. For many people, selling equipment is vital to their livelihood, so choosing the right sales method is an important decision.


Similarly, buying the right equipment is crucial to the success of farms and projects. Determining the right price can require unnecessary trust in the market or individual seller. When buying equipment, the seller seems to have the most control, and the cost of item is out of the buyer's’ hands.


Auctions are an easy and efficient way to sell items quickly. The most obvious advantage to buying at auctions is that great deals are readily available. This serves both buyers and sellers. For buyers, auctions are places where the consumer dictates the value. Unlike retail markets, where the price is already determined, auction buyers can snag high-value items for a fraction of their cost. Contrary to popular belief, auctions are not only for people with financial troubles. Sellers who want to move many items fast will opt for auctions because they’ve experienced the hassle of personal ads. Buyers who are looking for great deals search out auctions because of their ability to control costs and purchase a variety of equipment in the same place.


Auctions benefit sellers by guaranteeing that all their items will be sold. Buyers understand the deals that auctions provide, and this brings more attention to sellers items that the seller would have otherwise had to spend money and time on marketing and promotion.


Rod Fivecoat is the Expert you Need

For 32 years, Rod Fivecoat has attended and facilitated auctions. As a member of the Idaho Association of Professional Auctioneers, Rod is an expert at appraising and getting the best value out of your property. Our team of local experts specializes in making each event an enjoyable experience. We understand that each item carries a history, and that sometimes first time buyers can be nervous. We eliminate worries and maintain smiles throughout each auction, benefiting both buyers and sellers. Call us at 208.600.4355 for a obligation free consultation, or visit our online catalog for a detailed description of each auction.


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